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From the very beginning, Patagonia Camp has been developed based on sustainable principles, our belief in helping protect our planet, and our utmost care and commitment for Patagonia.

Patagonia Camp was built using the most eco-friendly methods, all while being the most respectful that we can be for our native environment.

Nature in 360 degrees

Patagonia Camp was created so that each of our guests can feel and enjoy the wonderful nature of Patagonia from the comfort of their own private room. Our yurts provide guests a unique experience to be able to have an intimate contact with nature – the magical sounds of the wind blowing, rain falling and being able to see the stars all from the central dome of your private yurt. Our concept allows our guests to experience one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes right from your windows alongside being surrounded by an incredible and aromatic native forest where our walkways and viewing platforms are located.


Patagonia Camp is committed to our local culture and our staff reflects just that. Most of our staff are based locally, and this allows our guests to experience a unique cultural exchange where they can learn and understand the local customs and history of Patagonia. Most of our decorations, crafts and souvenirs have been created by local artisans and small local businesses as we believe this is fundamental in the promotion of local culture.

Residuals Policy


Patagonia Camp is surrounded by beautiful rivers, lakes and lagoons whose waters are some of the most pure and crystalline in the world. Keeping with our environmental philosophy, we have installed a 100% organic water treatment plant on site that uses a natural filtration process to transform the water that we collect into pure water. All of the products that we offer as amenities for our guests are biodegradable and upon arrival we ask our guests to help us maintain this environmental balance.


Organic Residuals

We operate a worm-farmed composting initiative that helps us transform our organic waste into natural fertilizer that we use in our herb and vegetable gardens as well as helping to improve the drainage of the lands of Patagonia Camp and other local farmers.

Organic Residuals


Staying true to our environmental outlook, we aim to minimize the use of glass and plastics as much as possible. We use returnable and reusable containers as water bottles for all of our guests and disposable glass and plastic containers are transported to be recycled.


Low Impact

We have implemented systems within our operations in an effort to lower our emitted CO2 levels and thus reducing our carbon footprint. We have a special emphasis on the optimization of energy resources, through rigorous implementation of low-power/wattage electrical appliances and using a low-power electricity generation as often as we can. Our commitment is to continue to implement clean and efficient energy policies and utilization of eco-friendly resources wherever possible.

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