Discover the majestic landscape of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia.

Enjoy these incredible sights, its changing climate, its flora and wild fauna, as you immerse yourself in Patagonia. As part of Patagonia Camp’s excursions, our experienced guides will help you find the best way to enjoy your days while meeting the requirements of each group and according to their interests and of course the changing climate of Patagonia.


Peninsula del Toro Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Bonita lagoon or Toro lake
Nivel de dificultad
Claudio Lagoon + Escondida Lagoon
Nivel de dificultad
Kayak in Toro lake or in Bonita lagoon
Nivel de dificultad
Los Azules Viewpoint (self-guided activity)
Nivel de dificultad
Tres Lagunas Trail
Nivel de dificultad
Toro waterfall Hike
Nivel de dificultad
Fishing "catch & release" on the shore of lake Toro (self-guided activity)
Nivel de dificultad

Difficulty: HIGH

Base Torres Viewpoint Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Cerro Castillo Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Glaciar Grey Viewpoint Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Pingo Cascade Trek
Nivel de dificultad

Difficulty: Moderate - High

Ferrier Viewpoint Trek + Grey Beach Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Valle del Frances Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Los Cuernos Trek
Nivel de dificultad
Sarmiento Chico - Estancia Lazo
Nivel de dificultad
Benitez Hill
Nivel de dificultad

Difficulty: Moderate

Los Cuernos viewpoint + Cóndor viewpoint Hike
Nivel de dificultad
Cóndores cliff & Trombolitos
Nivel de dificultad
Hike Lazo Weber
Nivel de dificultad

Difficulty: Low - Moderate

Mylodon Cave
Nivel de dificultad
Scenic full day Paine & Fauna Trail
Nivel de dificultad

Difficulty: Low

Full Day Photo Safari
Nivel de dificultad
Grey Beach + Toro lake viewpoint Hike
Nivel de dificultad

Recommended Extras

Kayak Grey Beach & River Down
Nivel de dificultad
Zodiac round trip in Serrano river
Nivel de dificultad
Horseback riding through the pampa
Nivel de dificultad
Kayak Grey Glacier
Nivel de dificultad
Fly Fishing in lake Toro
Nivel de dificultad
Grey lake navigation
Nivel de dificultad

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Inclusive Regular Excursions programs are organized on the day of arrival in conjunction with other guests and with our team of guides, depending on the interests of travelers, weather conditions and availability. In Patagonia Camp, we can organize external excursions for you however these have an additional cost that must be paid directly at the hotel and are subject to availability and reservation policies of each provider.

If you would like to book an excursion in advance, this will be considered as a private excursion and will have an additional cost that will be informed before hiring the service, please speak with one of our executives!

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